Beatwell Drum Circles

Jordan Goodman is dedicated to improving health and creating connections through rhythm, a medium utilized throughout the ages as a means to achieve well-being. Jordan facilitates custom drum circle programs with targeted outcomes and trains professionals in the art and science of rhythm.



Jordan designs and facilitates custom, rhythm-based drum circle programs with diverse populations for team-building, therapeutic, and leadership development outcomes.


Jordan trains and consults professionals and students at leading health organizations and universities. He teaches the art and science of therapeutic and community-building drumming.

Drum Circles: Healing Through Rhythm

Rhythm is an effective tool because it is our universal language. People from nearly every culture and region have used rhythm to heal and strengthen community. It endures because it works. Beatwell programming helps organizations work more effectively, builds community with all groups of people, and introduces a low-risk, cost-effective intervention in healthcare. I do this by sharing the art and science of rhythm in simple, relatable, and fun ways-while creating meaningful results.


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"It was just the thing we needed to relax, rebuild, bond, and have fun!"

Jessica Brown, Children Services Coordinator of Baltimore City’s Library System

“Jordan’s expertise on therapeutic drumming was an invaluable support in my training to begin facilitating drum circles in the clinical setting.”

Tiffany Sponaugle, LCSW, Psychotherapist

"Jordan is a committed clinician who employs ancient wisdom in a modern way. He is engaging and inspiring!"

Adanna Johnson, Psychologist and Professor

"Beatwell is the most soulful business we have covered"

Roxana Bardan, MPT Producer